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Silverstar Headlights

If you're searching for high-performance headlights with excellent light-gathering abilities, the sylvania ultra 9005 pair set is an exceptional set for you, they come with two sets of high-performance headlights, which makes finding light in dark conditions much easier. Another top grade feature of this set is that they are versatile headlights, meaning they can be used in all types of streets and conditions.

Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA H11B SINGLE Bulb Headlight Brand New In Package

Sylvania Silverstar ULTRA H11B SINGLE

By Sylvania Silverstar


Silverstar Headlights Amazon

This is a new sealed sylvania the bulbs are part of the open box product at this time, they are lights extender for the headlight and are designed to improve dark road visibility. These headlight bulbs are darker green and the is a white light, they are single purchase way and are available in the open box or in a set of two. The h11 pair set is an exceptional solution for your ultra car, with two bulbs, you can have the brightest car possible. The light quality is amazing and the car will be sure to match the lights perfectly, the headlights are next-generation light beam that offers an updated design and improved visibility. These headlights are made with 2-pack of 12, 8 v 65 w 2-pack bulbs which will allow you to enjoy the latest headlights offers. Looking for a new set of headlights that will make your car more don't look anywhere than the sylvania ultra 9005 9006 hi lo beam, these headlights are brand new, hi-lumination bulbs that will make your car more plus, they have an 4-branch system, which means they can handle all.